Avast Free Anti-Virus Installation Guide

Avast Free Anti-Virus Installation Guide

Firstly go to this website and Download Avast Free

Click on the Free Download Button









Click on Save File






Go to your downloads folder and look for this icon







Next you’ll see this









Then This

Untick the also install Google Chrome











Click onto where it say Recommended Protection











Select Custom Protection

Deselect Behaviour Shield

Select Mail Shield











Wait for it to install








Click on Continue








Continue again











Click on no I don’t to protect my Android phone (unless you want it)










Click on No thanks I don’t want advanced protection for free (unless you want it)










All installed and working fine

Click on the Got It to clear the purple box check out our new menu










In the area down by the clock I’d drag the Avast icon so it’s visible then you can see any problems easier









If you want to change things you can at any time go to the control panel and click on uninstall a program

Right click on Avast in list but select change


Click on Modify to remove or install a few of installed program options

Repair to fix any program issues

Uninstall to remove Avast completely or get back to free version as it will ask you if you want to revert to free Avast if your stuck on the trial and won’t let you go back to free




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