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Please take care when receiving phonecalls from scammers making out you have a problem, like a virus or saying your internet is going to be disconnected or even asking for your help to catch the scammers out. All are bogus trust me these companies are made up and the people doing this are actors making out to be someone they are not…

They sound really confident and polite at the begining

But if you start to doubt them and ask tricky questions they will change and become angry as they’re not going to be getting paid and you’ve wasted their time

If you have any doubt at all do the easy option and hang up

Scam watch is a great site to look at scams that are happening now plus you can also report a scam to them



Never let them remote in to your computer

They will show you fake errors to help convince you they know what they’re doing…

If you have let them onto your computer and you realise its a scam unplug your router modem from the wall and contact me ASAP and I’ll advise your best plan of action

Never give anyone your ID information

Passport, Driver License, DOB or address

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New Laptops Now in Stock

I’ve recently changed my standard stock laptop

I now have a very nice Acer Aspire listed here

Acer Aspire 15.6in HD i5 8265U, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 240GB SSD + 1TB HD Latest Windows 10

This has the 8th Gen i5 CPU @ 1.6GHz up to 3.9GHz

Back lit Keyboard

Nice and slim

I’ve upgraded this laptop so it has a 240GB SSD Hard Drive as well as the 1TB Data Hard Drive

So nice and fast but still has plenty of storage for all your pictures, documents, music and videos without slowing the laptop down

I install the very latest version of windows 10

Then install all the required software

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Nearly end of financial year

Last week until it’s too late to write off in this financial year


New computer or laptop or even an upgrade

I have 4 computers and 1 laptop in stock


I have some refurbished Desktops and laptop which should be ready soon

Don’t miss out ask Howard for details

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End Of Financial Year Approaching Fast

Now’s the time to start and think about replacing those old tired Computers and Laptops and get them in for this years accounts…

Don’t leave it until the last minute.

Start to plan now

Howard from Home Computing is available to offer advice on what to buy whether it be from them or not

He can do the setup with any any computer you buy or he can supply already setup

Howard builds computers to suit your requirements whether you want 1 or more he can

Want more than 1 monitor to help with multitasking?

So if you want to get something new before June 30th

Contact Howard from Home Computing now

Email Mobile Landline

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Outlook requiring consent to delete Gmail emails when you do so in Outlook

The main thing that is happening is that Outlook is enabling OAuth for Gmail and this updates how the sign-in works for Google accounts in Outlook.

As part of this, Google will ask for your consent to allow Outlook to perform actions on your behalf. Prior to this upgrade, Outlook was able to use your credentials directly to perform operations like deleting email when you click the delete button. The new sign-in model is more modern, and includes a consent screen that outlines access that Outlook already had prior to this upgrade. Nothing has otherwise changed in Outlook or in the access it needs to your Gmail account for you to use Outlook with Gmail.

While I certainly understand how the privacy-minded language in the consent screen can give cause for concern, not much has really changed under the covers, and this access is required to enable Outlook’s basic functionality with Gmail

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Firefox plugins back working

If still having problems click on Help then about firefox and if a new update available restart to install it. All should be back to normal

Back to life without ads

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Firefox update stops Adbloc plus and many more plug ins from working!!

Since late Friday night, an expired certificate caused all add-ons on Firefox to be disabled.
With Adblock Plus being one of the favorite add-ons for users world-wide, this hits us hard. But we have absolute confidence in the open source community behind Firefox to get this fixed as soon as possible!
There is nothing you can or need to do, other than wait for Firefox to update, which will most likely happen automatically.

So in the meantime, stay strong when faced with a pop-up, a screaming flash-ad or an annoying banner while you browse the web.

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Microsoft support for Windows 7 ends 14th January 2020

When Windows 7 reaches its End of Life phase on January 14, 2020, Microsoft will stop releasing updates and patches for the operating system. It’s likely that it also won’t offer help and support if you encounter any problems.

However, that doesn’t mean Windows 7 will stop working on January 14 2020 – you’ll still be able to use Windows 7 for as long as you want. So the good news is that you’re not going to wake up on January 15 to find your Windows 7 PC no longer boots up.

But just because you can continue to use Windows 7 in its End of Life status, it doesn’t mean you should.

The biggest issue with continuing to use Windows 7 is that it won’t be patched for any new viruses or security problems once it enters End of Life, and this leaves you extremely vulnerable to any emerging threats.

What’s more, if a large number of people continue to use Windows 7 after the End of Life date, that could actually be a big incentive for malicious users to target viruses and other nasties at WIndows 7.

So, while Windows 7 will continue to work after January 14 2020, you should start planning to upgrade to Windows 10, or an alternative operating system, as soon as possible.

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NBN Change Over

I finally gave in and decided to get the NBN connected as I knew it was only a matter of time before I’d have to do so
Big mistake we’ve had problems from the day it was installed
Now on our 4th Router and working fine
But it’s a Gen 1 router not the Gen 2 with 4G backup that didn’t work properly

Gen 1
Gen 2

When I feel I have the time and energy I’ll be speaking to Telstra again to get it sorted with the new Gen 2

I’ve tried so many things and being so busy have given up
I’ve been using my mobile data at home for nearly 10 days
It’s just not good enough

So when thinking of changing over think long and hard and expect the worst and you might be lucky

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$50 off Any PC or Laptop

That’s right for the whole month of January $50 off any New Laptop or New PC I have in stock

That’s 6 PC’s and 1 Laptop

All you have to do is mention this blog post when discussing a new PC or Laptop purchase. Print out this voucher or mention when ordering

Only 1 Voucher per Computer or Laptop

We Accept

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