Teamviewer Installation and Setup

When using the new version of Teamviewer things are now different how it works…

Granting remote access

Q: How do I grant remote access to my device?
A: Join a session with TeamViewer Remote:

• In the email from Howard, click Join session.
• Once you’re informed that Howard is waiting, follow the prompt to download.







If you have the full client already installed…

• you will be prompted to open the session via the full client. To do so, click Open.

Once QuickSupport has finished downloading, open the program and accept the terms and conditions.
• Click Continue
• You will be prompted to Join the session.
• Howard will be notified and will start the remote session.

Download Teamviewer from here

With the new version of Teamviewer you are required to create an account

This is a free account and will only be used when accessing remote help from Howard

Once installed this is what the new teamviewer looks like

You’ll see at the top right hand corner a New Version slide

Drag that back and select restart to get back to the older view

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