Telstra Outages and Maintenance

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Telstra Outages and Maintenance

If having problems with your internet service from Telstra

Check here to check on service status

I’ve had several phone calls about slow or no service

My landline is not working as I type this update

But my mobile and Cable internet are working fine

Ring Telstra on 133 933 for more details

Or ring me on 0457585540

Or email me

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Tech Support Scam pop-up virus

Please be aware of these pop up Scams

Do Not Ring Them

Start Task Manager (Right click on the taskbar) and end the process of your web browser

Run a full scan with Malwarebytes

Any problems Just Ask Me



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Teaching Computers

I thought this was really funny and I had to share it with you

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Don’t Fall For Scams

Please be careful and stay safe on the internet


Below are a list of a few types

Unexpected money

Scammers invent convincing and seemingly legitimate reasons to give you false hope about offers of money. There are no get-rich-quick schemes, so always think twice before handing over your details or dollars.

Unexpected winnings

Don’t be lured by a surprise win. These scams try to trick you into giving money upfront or your personal information in order to receive a prize from a lottery or competition that you never entered.

Fake charities

Scammers impersonate genuine charities and ask for donations or contact you claiming to collect money for relief efforts after natural disasters.

Dating & romance

Scammers take advantage of people looking for romantic partners, often via dating websites, apps or social media by pretending to be prospective companions. They play on emotional triggers to get you to provide money, gifts or personal details.

Buying or selling

Scammers prey on consumers and businesses that are buying or selling products and services. Not every transaction is legitimate.

Jobs & investment

If you are looking for a fast way to make money, watch out – scammers have invented all sorts of fake money-making opportunities to prey on your enthusiasm and get hold of your cash.

Attempts to gain your personal information

Scammers use all kinds of sneaky approaches to steal your personal details. Once obtained, they can use your identity to commit fraudulent activities such as using your credit card or opening a bank account.

Threats & extortion

Scammers will use any means possible to steal your identity or your money – including threatening your life or ‘hijacking’ your computer.


If in Doubt ignore it

So many fall for scams and they come in so many different forms

Info taken from –> Scamwatch

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Happy New Year to All

Wishing New and Old Customers a fantastic New Year

Is now the time to get you’re computer fixed or replaced?

Start 2017 with a speedy computer by having yours looked at and let me remove unwanted programs

Scan for hidden spyware and other nasties lurking in your internet browser

Create image backups for future problems

Setup 1 click backups to make backups as easy as a double click

If your computer is past its sell by date then why not let me give you a quote on a brand new shiny machine


If you want a powerful gaming computer or a very simple one for the basics of reading email and surfing the web


I can give you a quote or you can choose from the computers I have ready built and ready to go starting at $650


I have a custom built air conditioned workshop


Give me a call to book an appointment on 5665800 or 0457585540


2017 is going to be a great year I’m sure

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Malwarebytes 3 – Time to upgrade

Malwarebytes 3.0 is now available

Download it from here

To disable the free trial

Where it says Activate License you can exit the free trial

Then you have the free version

This is the best software out there and should be installed on every single computer in the world

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Bigpond Having Major Issues!!

If your having problems with your internet or especially emails


Telstra is working on fixing the issues


Check on this website for updates


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Please Beware of Scams

Recently I’ve been getting more and more calls from customers who are falling for scams

Microsoft do NOT ring you NEVER!!!

Anyone offering you help to fix your computer by ringing you out of the blue HANG UP!!

They might say they’re from Telstra or any big company

Never let them have remote access to your computer

They’ll try and trick you into thinking you’ve been hacked and show you errors on your computer

If in doubt please ring me to confirm as they do sound very professional and can easily trick you

Hackers are out there and they want to take your money by tricking you

Anyone sending emails to get work or scare you by talking about scammers are not to be trusted

I only email when answering your questions or sending out invoices

I don’t send out unsolicited emails

If In Doubt please email me or ring me

Stay safe on the internet and don’t let the scammers win

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Firmware update for HP printers bans third-party ink

Printer companies and third-party cartridge manufacturers (and refillers) have a long, fraught relationship. Recently, HP added another problem to the mix. The printer maker introduced a tweak to its firmware that caused HP printers to reject third-party ink cartridges.

This isn’t some freak accident that can be corrected by reloading an unrecognized cartridge. It’s very real. “The purpose of this update is to protect HP’s innovations and intellectual property,” HP said in a statement to the BBC.

The problem appears to have started last week on Tuesday, September 13. When printers hit that date, it appears their firmware was set to reject cartridges lacking official HP authentication chips.

Netherlands-based 123inkt (Dutch language link) was the first to discover the issue. Customers of the online ink seller reported problems with the site’s 123inkt brand cartridges in HP printers last week. The problem may not last long, however, as 123inkt says it expects to have new cartridge chips soon that will get around HP’s firmware restrictions.

The story behind the story: For years, printer makers have sold their devices largely under the “razors and blades model.” That is, they sell the printers cheaply and then make up the money by charging high prices for the regularly depleted ink cartridges. Printer ink famously costs more than human blood, which is why printers are notorious for bugging you when you use off-brand ink, or popping up refill warnings long before ink cartridges truly empty. Some won’t even let you print black and white documents unless you have color ink installed, too..

In some cases cartridge prices are so high that it’s actually cheaper just to buy a new low-priced printer with free ink in the box.

Save at your own risk, sadly

It’s a fun thought experiment, but buying a new printer every time you need an ink refill isn’t a realistic solution. Many people avoid high-priced “official” ink by either refilling old cartridges or buying “off brand” replacement product. It’s been this way for years, but now HP is fighting back—at least for a little while.

If 123inkt is correct about an impending workaround to get third-party cartridges working again HP has a tough decision ahead: Play a never ending game of cat-and-mouse with third-party cartridges, or find a way to make up for its losses that isn’t so blatantly anti-consumer.

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Beware of email/phone scams

If in doubt don’t click reply or open the email and when on the phone just hang up

It isn’t worth arguing with them stay calm and save the stress

They aren’t worth it

Check on this website and report them

Here’s an email I got today




Don’t let these people win


They are *********** <– Insert your own word here


Report them Here

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