End Of Financial Year Not Far Away

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End Of Financial Year Not Far Away

Its starting to get to the end of the financial year again and the next 30 days will be gone before we know it

Thinking of a Computer or Laptop upgrade well nows the time to start looking for a good deal

All the big stores will be having some great sales on

But buy wisely and don’t get drawn into buying what you really don’t need

Been offered multiple upgrades on a computer/laptop might sound great but do you actually need them?

Getting money knocked off a new purchase is what you want

Beware the offer for an Anti-Virus at a reduced price which will be for mulitple devices and much more than you’ll ever need, especially when a free anti-virus would do for most of us

I’m happy to discuss options whether buying from me or after advise to buy from elsewhere

I do offer a setup service to take the stress out of setting up a computer/laptop and transferring all your files back onto your new device and setup an easy backup system and if required I can then deliver and setup your network, printer and internet onsite

I do keep in stock Desktop PC’s and I have 2 built ready to go and 3 systems ready to build

I carry Intel Pentium’s, i3’s and i5’s with multiple options on each depending on your requirements

Laptops I only keep 1 in stock but can order in and setup in less than a day normally

My Stock laptop is a HP i3


So my advice is to plan early and don’t get caught out and mainly don’t miss out on some savings before the end of this financial year

Want any advice please feel free to contact me

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