Outlook Email Issues

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Outlook Email Issues

Edit… The deployment of Microsofts fix is progressing as expected and we continue to anticipate that it’ll complete on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 by 3:00 AM UTC 1PM Eastern Australian Time

Microsoft said that Outlook is suffering “email visibility issues”, with widespread reports of text disappearing after being entered into a new message, and of existing messages having no body text at all.

IT administrators said they were rolling back a recent Office update that appears to be the root cause; both desktop and 365 users are reporting issues.

“We’re investigating an issue with email message visibility in Outlook. Outlook on the web appears to be unaffected,” Microsoft said in a brief status advisory.

Users worldwide reported a variety of text input and visibility problems. There were confirmed reports of the issues impacting Australian and New Zealand users.

“If you hit ‘new message’ and type in the body no text appears. But If you send it the text shows up for the recipient,” one user wrote.

“We have several users that cannot see the text in emails in their mailboxes,” Seth Kamins tweeted.

One user screenshotted the experience, with the body of a new email disappearing every time a new line was entered.

Administrators reported that disabling autoupdate and rolling back to a previous version worked

“Users with access to alternate protocols like Outlook on the web or Outlook mobile can use those as a potential workaround in the interim,” Microsoft later officially advised.

However, not even some of these workarounds were foolproof.

There was no ETA on an official fix or explanation at the time of publication

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