Please Beware of Telephone Calls from Scammers

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Please Beware of Telephone Calls from Scammers

Please Beware of Telephone Calls from Scammers

They come in many forms and say they’re from many different companies  and sound so believable


But if you get a call from one of these please just hang up the phone

I’ve picked up a laptop from one of my customers today who as fallen for such a scam

I didn’t believe it was true when she rang me

But it’s happened and I’m fixing up her laptop so she’ll be secure again

But you’re the first line of defence and if you allow them to remote into your computer then it doesn’t matter what anti-virus you have





Keep an eye on this website Scamwatch


Also you can report any scam calls you’ve had


The government should be doing more to attempt to stop these cold callers preying on the vulnerable


If you here a gap from when you pick up the phone it’s a call centre so hang up…


If you do let them onto your computer but realise something is not right pull the plug from your router which will cut the internet connection and force them off


I’m always available so if in doubt email or text me 24 hours a day or ring me between 8.00am and 8.00pm


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