Please Beware of Scams

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Please Beware of Scams

Recently I’ve been getting more and more calls from customers who are falling for scams

Microsoft do NOT ring you NEVER!!!

Anyone offering you help to fix your computer by ringing you out of the blue HANG UP!!

They might say they’re from Telstra or any big company

Never let them have remote access to your computer

They’ll try and trick you into thinking you’ve been hacked and show you errors on your computer

If in doubt please ring me to confirm as they do sound very professional and can easily trick you

Hackers are out there and they want to take your money by tricking you

Anyone sending emails to get work or scare you by talking about scammers are not to be trusted

I only email when answering your questions or sending out invoices

I don’t send out unsolicited emails

If In Doubt please email me or ring me

Stay safe on the internet and don’t let the scammers win

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