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Please take care when receiving phonecalls from scammers making out you have a problem, like a virus or saying your internet is going to be disconnected or even asking for your help to catch the scammers out. All are bogus trust me these companies are made up and the people doing this are actors making out to be someone they are not…

They sound really confident and polite at the begining

But if you start to doubt them and ask tricky questions they will change and become angry as they’re not going to be getting paid and you’ve wasted their time

If you have any doubt at all do the easy option and hang up

Scam watch is a great site to look at scams that are happening now plus you can also report a scam to them



Never let them remote in to your computer

They will show you fake errors to help convince you they know what they’re doing…

If you have let them onto your computer and you realise its a scam unplug your router modem from the wall and contact me ASAP and I’ll advise your best plan of action

Never give anyone your ID information

Passport, Driver License, DOB or address

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