Support for Windows 7 is ending 14th January 2020

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Support for Windows 7 is ending 14th January 2020

After January 14th, 2020, Windows 7 will come to its End of Support and therefore no further security fixes or vulnerability patches will be made available for PCs running Windows 7, leaving systems and networks at severe risk.

As recommended by Microsoft themselves, people who are still using Windows 7 should consider upgrading to Windows 10 – Microsoft’s latest, most powerful and secure operating system, which offers an array of features fit for all types of businesses and organisations, including education.

The benefits of Windows 10:

• Intelligent security – Protecting against threats and attacks.
• Simplified updates – Monthly updates guarantees the latest features and protection.
• Flexible management – On-premises or cloud-based device management.
• Enhanced productivity – Modern tools and features to help with collaboration and efficiency.
• Simplicity and familiarity – Reflecting the Windows 7 operating system people know and love

But I also know that this for some will be a scary process and not everyone likes change.

I always try and make the switch as simple as possible, if you liked to use a certain web browser then stay with it and have all your favourites/bookmarks the same rather than using microsoft edge

So be prepared for when windows 7 support ends

I’m happy to answer any questions regarding the switch

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