Fake Virus Scams

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Fake Virus Scams

Keep an eye out for Fake Virus scams which can emanate from a mistyped URL it occupies.

Do not give them access to your computer remotely

Close the Browser window using whichever method is necessary, as it cannot escape the browser unless you download something from the page.

If you cannot close the browser window, right click the Task Bar or press Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys to open the Task Manager, choose Show Less Details, highlight the browser and choose End Task.

If this fails hold the power button to Shut Down. If you do this Edge may reload the page when it starts back up, but it will also give you an option to Start Fresh to avoid opening the previous tabs.

Also in Edge, if you try to X out of the browser WIndow, it may present a dialogue box to end the session. The webpage is allowed to put text in the box but cannot stop it from closing the WIndows when you choose OK, so that is safe to do.

If you called the scammers and they installed anything on your PC, open Settings>Apps, organize by Date, uninstall anything on that date you didn’t install yourself.

Then run a full scan with Malwarebytes

If you paid them anything, notify your bank that you were scammed.

If in any doubt please contact Howard Mobile       Landline      Email

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